If you’re thinking of travelling in a group, whether it’s with a gang of friends, a family outing, or with your team from work, doing a bit of adventure travel will make for an unforgettable experience. Adventure can be customized to suit all ages, stamina levels, and enthusiasm, and we’ve got a whole list for you.

Go on a trek!
These moderate treks are great to get a group of friends or colleagues out and into the mountains. They’re not too difficult, and can be done by families with older kids too. Please note: if anyone in the group has knee or spine problems, or asthma or heart problems, do get a doctor’s opinion before booking the trek.

The Valley of Flowers trek, Uttarakhand
Image credit: WIkipedia user Kushaal
The gorgeous Valley of Flowers is a must-see world heritage site nestled deep in the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. When the snow melts and the rainy season arrives, the valley bursts into a riot of colours, covering the entire valley with wildflowers. You will get spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks on this trek. It is a perfect adventure travel group trek for nature lovers, trekking enthusiasts and photographers alike. Most itineraries also include a trek to the emerald-green Hemkund lake and Hemkund Sahib, the highest Gurudwara in the world.
Best time to go: Mid-July to mid-Sept
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Trek to Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand
Image credit: The Alternative.in
This trek takes you up along an easy trail to an altitude of 10,000 feet to the gorgeous alpine meadows of Dayara Bugyal. You’ll trek through some of the most scenic locations, with the landscape filled with wildflowers, gurgling streams and fluffy sheep dotting the highlands. You’ll camp at beautiful campsites, and will have nature all to yourself.
Best time to go: Summer months like Apr-June (for lush greenery and flowers) and winter months like Dec-Jan (for snow trekking and skiing).
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Trek to Chopta Chandrashila, Uttarakhand
Camping at Deoriatal, Chopta trek
The trek to Chopta, Chandrashila takes you to the ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India, and is one of the prettiest treks in the country. It’s a moderately easy trek, with a challenging climb on one day to Chandrashila peak. This peak is 13,000 feet high, and has a good steep climb to get to Tungnath, the highest Shiva temple of the world. You’ll be camping along the banks of the pristine Deoriatal Lake, and you’ll get stunning views of magnificent Himalayan peaks like the Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba and Trishul.
Best time to go: April-November for greenery and pleasant weather, Dec-Jan for snow trekking
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Trek to Sham Valley, Leh
Image credit: Amit Thaker
If you really want to do something epic, head to Leh. This easy trek takes you from Leh, through apricot orchards and past ancient villages that time has left behind. You will also visit the famous monasteries of Lamayuru, Spituk, Likir and Alchi. It is a perfect option for families and corporate travel groups looking to break away from urban civilization.
Best time to go: May-July
Treks to Sham Valley coming soon. Call us for details.

Trek to Nagtibba, Uttarakhand

Nagtibba Top campsite, Uttarakhand

Nagtibba Top campsite, Uttarakhand

This short trek in the Garhwal Himalayas is the perfect introduction to trekking, and can comfortably be done over 2-3 days. You’ll trek to an altitude of 10,000 feet, to the top of a ridge peak in the Nagtibba range of the lower Himalayas. The trail is a pleasant and easy one, and will take you through pine woods and over bubbling streams. You’ll eat your meals with views of spectacular snow-capped Himalayan peaks, surrounded by the sharp fragrance of wild mint that grows underfoot.
Best time to go: Year-round
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Trek to Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Triund campsite, by Whitehatguru on Wikimedia Commons

Triund campsite, by Whitehatguru on Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the heart of the Kangra Valley, Triund is an adventurous weekend getaway into the foothills of the Dhauladhar range. It is an easy trek that starts from the town of McLeodganj, and takes you through rhododendron forests and over rocky terrain to the summit. From the top, you’ll get a magnificent 180-degree view of the mighty Dhauladhar range, the southern boundary of the Himalayas. You can choose to camp here for the night and experience the magical view of twinkling stars over the gorgeous snow-capped peaks.
Best time to go: Year-round
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Trek to Beaskund, Himachal Pradesh
Trek to Beaskund, Himachal Pradesh
An ideal trek for first-timers, Beaskund is a delightful option for families and groups looking for a taste of the Himalayas. You’ll start the trek from a village that is a few hours away from Manali. The trail goes along the banks of a river and through a boulder-strewn valley. You’ll camp at beautiful locations, and will be able to hear avalanches rumbling in the distance. The emerald-green Beaskund is the highlight of this trek, however, and lies in the middle of a spectacular high altitude grazing meadow dotted with woolly mountain sheep.
Best time to go: May-Oct for pleasant weather, Dec-Jan for snow trekking
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Trek to Lohagad, Maharashtra
Trek to Lohagad, Maharashtra
The trek to Lohagad fort is one of the most popular treks in Maharashtra, especially in the monsoon and in the winter. It is an easy trek up to the summit, at an altitude of 3,400 feet and is quite popular for families and groups of friends. The Western Ghats are lush green during the monsoon, and this trek lets you get muddy, scramble over slippery rocks, and climb through the mist to the fort at the top. The highlight of the Lohagad fort is the famed Vinchu Kata, a rampart of the fort that is shaped like the tail of a scorpion.
Best time to go: Monsoon (mid-July to mid-Sept) and winter (Dec-Feb)
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Trek to Korigad, Maharashtra
Korigad fort stands at about 3000 feet high, and is an easy trek that takes you just 3 hours to complete. Your trail is lined with stone cut steps through most parts and takes you into the rain-drenched Sahyadri forest. It was constructed around 1500 AD and you’ll have fun exploring the vast top, with natural pools, ancient cannons, and crumbling arches. A relaxed trek, it is perfect for families and corporates looking for a single day getaway.
Best time to go: Monsoon (mid-July to mid-Sept) and winter (Dec-Feb)
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Andharban Trek
This is a unique trek because it has one of the few full-descent routes in Maharashtra. The trail takes you down into the tropical Sahyadri forests, with such dense vegetation that the sunlight barely gets through. The trek is moderate, but can be difficult in the monsoon because it gets slippery and the water gushes down under your feet as you walk. But it’s a beautiful ecosystem on its own, and you’ll see streams and waterfalls, and spot rare butterflies and birds. This day trip is a thrilling getaway, and is a good idea for corporate groups, families and groups of friends.
Best time to go: Monsoon (mid-July to mid-Sept) and winter (Dec-Feb)
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Kaas Plateau Trek
Image credit: Wikipedia user Apoorva Karlekar
Kaas Plateau is Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers. For a few short weeks each year, just after the monsoon, the plateau springs to life, and the floor is carpeted with colourful wildflowers. During this time, these nectar-filled blooms attract beautiful tiny birds and iridescent insects. You can trek down to the lake, or visit the nearby Thoseghar waterfalls, but you’ll probably spend most time amidst the flowers. This trek is fit for a family, because it’s not difficult at all. It is also a great weekend getaway for corporate groups looking for a picturesque retreat not far from the city.
Best season to go: Post monsoon (Early Sept)
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Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek
Image credit: Chaitanya Varma
Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in India, cascading down from a height of 1015 feet. It is a relaxed train with no steep ascents or descents and you will trek through dense forests. You will trek along railway tracks and through dusky tunnels to get to the base of the Dudhsagar waterfalls. You can take a dip in the milky-water pools at the base of the waterfall before heading back. It is an ideal weekend trip for corporates and families looking to get drenched in the cascading waters of the milky waterfalls.
Best time to go: Monsoon (mid-July to mid-Sept) and winter (Dec-Feb)
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Lonavala Hill Top Camping
Camping in Lonavala
Your campsite is set up amidst lush green environs surrounded by hills, 8 kms away from Lonavala. It is located halfway up the Rajmachi fort, with views of towering hills and scenic valleys. While it is easily accessible from the city, you will leave behind the noise and crowd. In the monsoons, the campsite is a paradise with sprouting waterfalls, bubbling streams, natural ponds and fluffy clouds all around. The winters are chilly with delightful barbeque-bonfires and fog covered environs. You can choose to trek nearby and explore viewpoints close to the camp. You will be camping in waterproof tents with facilities of dry toilet tents, sleeping mats and bonfires, to make your stay comfortable. It is an ideal weekend getaway for a corporate group that wants to sleep under the stars.
Best time to go: Monsoon (Aug) and winter (Dec-Jan)
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Group adventures that are perfect for family reunions or corporate groups
When you go travelling with a lot of people, you need to make sure that you’re staying at a place that can cater to a group of your size. Here’s a list of adventure trips you can book for large getaways.

Rafting in Kolad
Battling the raging rapids in Kolad
Your group will clamber into inflatable rafts, and set off down the Kundalika river. You’ll get to practise your technique on peaceful water, and then the rapids begin! The rivers froths and churns beneath you, and you’ll have to paddle with all your might to get through. Your group can also try out adventure activities such as Burma Bridge, kayaking, Tarzan Swing and ziplining.

As far as accommodation goes, you can choose from Swiss tents, rustic huts, cabins, dorms, caravans, bungalows, and air-conditioned tents. It’s an ideal adventure getaway with multiple activities for all ages, so families and corporate groups will love this.
Best time to go: Year-round.
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Camping and rafting in Rishikesh
Camping in Rishikesh
Rishikesh is one of the best places for large groups to go, with sprawling campsites and plenty of accommodation options, from Swiss tents to bamboo huts to cottages. You’ll stay at idyllic campsites sheltered by amphitheatres of mountains, not too far from the river or its tributaries. A camping package here usually involves all meals, a campfire in the evening, and a session of white water rafting the next day. Apart from that, you can also try bungee jumping or Asia’s longest flying fox ride, or go mountain biking.
Best time to go: Year-round, except for the monsoon months of June-Aug.
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Tons River Camping
Tons River Camping
This 2N/3D camping adventure gives you an easy escape from the city, and gives you a chance to rediscover your childlike wonder. You’ll camp in comfortable tents beside the Tons river, take kayaks out to battle the rapids, race mountain bikes over the hilly terrain, or go swimming in clear freshwater pools and waterfalls. It’s your own little paradise, with mist floating in in the morning, boulders to sit on and admire the river, and forest trails to explore. Every evening, you’ll gather around a campfire, enjoy a few snacks, and wish this trip would never end.
Best time to go: April-June
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Rishikesh Bull’s retreat
Camping at Bull's Retreat
Head to this idyllic adventure resort, for a short taste of a mountain paradise, and TWO thrilling rafting sessions on the Ganges. Surrounded by blooming landscaped gardens and forests scented of pine, this retreat is 30 minutes away from the crowds of Rishikesh, and just a 10 minute walk from the Ganges. This is the section of the river where the water runs clear and cool, and you’ll be tempted to go for a paddle. The resort has a fun ropes course, plenty of trails for solo rambles through nature, and the mountains in the distance.
Best time to go: Year-round except the monsoon (June-Aug)
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Lake Andra Camping

Camp Water's Edge, Lonavala

Camp Water’s Edge, Lonavala

Head out to this green campsite that lies along the banks of the Andra lake, in the middle of the Western Ghats. The campsite is about 2 hours from Mumbai, 1 hour from Pune, and 1 hour from Kamshet. It’s also about 25 kms from Lonavala. You’ll stay in Swiss tents with a sprawling 18-acre property to play on. Enjoy swimming, kayaking, river crossing and nature walks in this package.

You can also choose to pay for and participate in activities like Burma Bridge, rock climbing, rappelling, archery and rifle shooting. In the night, when it grows cold, bundle up in warm clothes and sit on your private sit-out and admire the views, or get together around a campfire.

Best time to go: Year-round except the monsoon (June-Aug)
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A day at Della Adventure Park near Mumbai/Pune
Della Adventure Park
If you’re up for a day of high-adrenaline activities, what better than an extreme adventure park? With over 50 thrilling activities to choose from, we bet you’re wondering which one to try first! Are you going to do the 100-foot swoop swing or the longest flying fox in India, or you can also choose to go rock climbing, rappelling, and zorbing? The adventure park has 5 restaurants, 3 bars, ATM machines, a baggage counter and medical centre. It would make a thrilling ice-breaker for corporate groups and an extreme adventure family package.
Best time to go: Year-round.
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Atali Ganga, Uttarakhand
Atali Ganga, Uttarakhand
Combine the best of adventure with a luxury stay in independent cottages in the valley of the Ganges. These hillside cottages are surrounded by the reserved forests around, and provide you with views that stretch into the horizon, and an adventure playground like no other. Your package includes one session of white water rafting, as well as two activities per night of stay, so you can choose from wall climbing, river kayaking, hiking, kids’ pool, Giant Swing, or Giant Ladder.

In addition to this, you’ll have a yoga centre, plenty of routes for a nature ramble, mountain biking, astronomy, and other activities. In the evenings, you’ll watch the sun setting over the valley from your private deck before heading to the campfire for pre-dinner snacks.
Best time to go: Year-round (Some activity options might be limited during the monsoon.)
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Group adventure trips can be customised to suit your specific requirements. If you’re planning a family reunion with members from infants to grandparents, we can find something that suits everyone. If you’re looking for corporate group holidays, we’ll help you plan an adventure trip with time for team-building activities and some time off in the evening for everyone to bond and have some fun.

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