Kashmir’s beauty is unparalleled and it is a dream destination for every nature lover. Poets have written about Kashmir, photographers declare that they’ve never seen anything so beautiful and for every traveller, the first time they visit Kashmir, its love at first sight. From the bright wildflowers to the snow-capped mountains, from the sparkling streams and crystalline lakes to the wide blue skies, Kashmir is a true paradise on earth.

The best time to visit Kashmir is during summer from March until August. Kashmir is covered with spring blossoms and the weather is pleasant. There are a number of stunning Kashmir getaways and something for everyone to do during these months.

Top destinations in Kashmir: The Kashmir Great Lakes trek
This Great Lakes of Kashmir trek is suitable for fit beginners, but involves long hours of walking. You’ll be walking for anywhere between 9-15 kms per day, and will experience altitudes of 13,000 ft. While the Great Lakes of Kashmir trek sounds challenging, it can be completed easily by first-time trekkers too, making it a top destination in Kashmir for adventurers, photographers and nature lovers alike.

You’ll pass through high altitude meadows, pine and maple forests, have a chance to go trout fishing and camp beside lakes at night. On this trek, you’ll cover some of the top destinations in Kashmir, the Great Lakes – Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, the cascading lakes of Satsar, and the twin lakes of Gangabal.
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Top destinations in Kashmir: Chadar Trek
Located in the surreal Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir, the Chadar trek involves walking over ice with the river flowing underneath and is extremely famous across the world. The Zanskar river is one of the top destinations in Kashmir. Ladakh is a magnificently stark high-altitude desert kingdom in the Indian Himalayas and is the perfect setting for a winter trek. It is famed for its high passes, brackish water lakes, deep blue skies and a landscape that is larger than life.

The Zanskar river flows through steep rock gorges that can go up to 2000 feet high. During the summer, the river is a perfect location for rafting, and during the winters it transforms into a sheet of ice. The best time to visit Kashmir for this legendary trek is January to February. Participants walk on a frozen river bed, camp in caves and in tents on the ice and trek past towering waterfalls that are frozen in mid-flow. The trek is intense and a great test of your endurance and will, and offers the reward of an unforgettable experience. As you trek you’ll witness breath-taking views of the majestic snow-clad peaks, hanging icicles, surreal landscapes, rock faces, and weather-blackened trees.
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Top destinations in Kashmir: Sham Valley Trek
For the uninitiated, the Sham Valley trek is a perfect trekking option. This is an easy trek in Leh that will lead you through some beautiful villages and to famous Tibetan monasteries like Lamayuru, Spituk, Likir and Alchi. The best time to visit Kashmir for this Sham Valley trek is from May to October when the weather is at its most pleasant. Sham Valley is also known as the Apricot Valley because of the Apricot orchards dotting this region.
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Top destinations in Kashmir: Stok Kangri trek
Trekking in Kashmir is a fabulous adventure, and Stok Kangri is one of the top destinations in Kashmir for a thrilling trek. This trek involves rope climbing, mountain trekking, trekking through rough snow patches and using crampons. Yet with all this, you don’t need to have any technical mountaineering skills to get to an altitude of over 20,000 feet, which makes it one of the top destinations in Kashmir for adventure buffs. As you trek to the peak you may be able to see snow leopard and have wolf-sightings. You can enjoy views of the great Indus Valley and the warmth of local village residents.
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Top destinations in Kashmir: Rafting in Kashmir
For those looking for a shorter Kashmir getaway, rafting is just one of the many adventure sports that Kashmir has to offer. The best time to visit Kashmir for rafting in the Zanskar River is during the summer, when the icy river thaws after a long, freezing winter. The fierce rapids on the river attract people from all over the world, and it’s a thrilling ride. The route goes through many deep gorges and is dominated by the views of towering snow clad mountain peaks. You get to see hilltop monasteries, lovely villages and much more.
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Top destinations in Kashmir: Motorbiking trips in Ladakh
One of the best ways to see a new place is on a motorbike ride through it. You’re not as closed off as you would be in a vehicle, and until you’ve swallowed some of the dust of this new place, it’s not really a part of you! A short biking trip in Leh is a top Kashmir getaway that offers adventure, scenic landscapes, and glorious views. You’ll have to arrive a day or two early to ensure that you are fully acclimatized. On your first day, take it easy and drink plenty of fluids.

After that, you’ll set off to explore ancient monasteries guarded by towering Buddha statues of Buddha, ride through Lamayuru, the moonland of Leh, with craggy peaks and colours of grey and ochre; and the spectacular landscape of Nubra Valley, with the double-humped Bactrian camels. You’ll also be bale to combine this Kashmir getaway with a visit to the gloriously blue Pangong Lake. You’ll ride across long stretches of bare landscape, and see raging rivers that cut across it. You’ll meet reclusive locals and maybe try a cup of hot butter tea with them.
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