Microadventures – and how you can embark on one this weekend

We were all made to use our bodies and our wits to explore the unknown. We were given strong arms and jointed fingers to scale rock-faces, scramble over boulders, swim in rivers, and pull ourselves up over obstacles. We were given sturdy legs to climb hills, walk through jungles, and splash through wild streams.

The question is, why are we sitting here, staring at our computers? Why are we trapped in the four walls of our boss’s cabin, staring at a whiteboard, wondering what it is we’re yearning for?

The answer is simple: we’re yearning to put our arms and legs to use, the way they’re meant to be used.

There’s no sweeter rest than that which comes at the end of a hike, or a long day out exploring the world around us. When your limbs ache and you groan as you sit down, your mind is pleasantly still. You’re not yearning for anything. Well, maybe you’re yearning for a warm shower and a hot cup of tea, but these are simple wants that can be easily satisfied. The feeling is addictive, and you’ll find yourself wanting more.

It’s not that easy, you say. No matter how unappealing the boss’s cabin or how unattractive the boss, you still have to work during the week.

That’s where MICROADVENTURE comes in!

A quick fix for those with an itch for adventure, microadventures are fun, easy to plan, inexpensive, and are the best way to get a weekly dose of adventure. ‘Microadventure’ is a term coined by Bristish author, blogger, and adventurer, Alastair Humphreys, and essentially mean mini adventures that you can finish within 12-24 hours.

To help you get out and have your own microadventure around Mumbai, here are 3 ideas that won’t disrupt your schedule, and are within your budget.

1. Get cycling!
Time taken: 8-36 hours
Equipment needed: Cycles (rent one if you don’t own one), helmets, gloves, seat bags, tools, water bottles, and sunglasses.

Gather your friends, choose a starting point and set off. You could be spontaneous and just go where the wind takes you, or the planners in your group could decide on a route beforehand. Leave it to the adventure gods to find you a roof for the night, or carry a tent.

Pedal off to Pelhar Dam, which is around 60 kilometres, and return in a day. Or you could ride to Aaravi Beach (near Alibag) along the scenic Konkan coastline, on narrow and bumpy roads, stay overnight and return the next day.

You could start your day in a smoggy city, and find yourself spending an evening sharing a cold beer with friends somewhere far away. It really is that simple. Forget the malls. Forego the movies. Just make sure you wear the right gear!


  Photos by Chris Dsouza (Instagram: @cfdsouza)

 2. Go for a local trek
Actual trekking time: Maximum of 5-6 hours a day
Equipment needed: Comfortable shoes, backpack containing an extra pair of clothes, first aid kit, water bottles (at least 1 litre), light snacks, torch, etc.

Mumbaikars are a blessed lot! The sheer number of trekking trails and forts available close to the city is awe-inspiring. Beginners can tackle Chinchoti Waterfalls, while the serious ones (who have trekked before) can put their skills to the test at Sandhan Valley.

You also have the option of blazing your own trail. Look up the history of Maharashtra, find a fort or a ruin nearby, drive to its base, and climb to the top. It’s always worth your while.


3. Fly like a bird
Time in the air: 15-45 minutes
Equipment needed: Everything will be provided by the paragliding organizers, but you will need to carry the essentials. Take a backpack with an extra pair of clothes, first aid kit, water bottles (at least 2 litre), light snacks, etc.

 Float in the air and experience that moment of serenity, followed by the thump of your own heart as adrenaline courses through your body. There are a few excellent paragliding schools around Mumbai, and the best part is, you don’t need to be a professional to fly. All the schools provide short flights of adventure through tandem flights.

Once you are confident enough, you can take up pilot courses that can help you fly solo. But that’s a few microadventure weekends away!

Use the comments section to tell us if you have a list of microadventures that you are raring to try. We’d love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to tag us in your microadventure pics on Instagram and facebook. Have a good one!


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  1. west coast

    wish you guys were in my city so close to nature,mountains

    • TheGreatNext

      Hi there, West Coast! Where are you based? It sounds beautiful!

      • west coast

        my province-state logo is Beautiful British Columbia(BBC).Here in winter one can enjoy skiing,snowboarding(2010 winter olympics),natural hot springs,sauna baths,ice hotel-bar and sculptures. And for summer biking,hiking mountains,surfing,kitesurfing,paragliding,zip-lining,rafting,water jetboarding,nude only beaches.In all any water,wind or mountain activities we have it most of it :)

        • TheGreatNext

          Wow! Lucky you! We’re envious! The Great Next will be in Canada next year, so we’ll definitely look you up once we’re there. You can show us the secret places you’ve discovered!

  2. west coast

    cool beans!!Happy to share experiences show around little gems with fellow adventurers/traveller.Just let me know 2-3 months in advance as it gives time to balance between 9-5 career commitment and plan mini getaway adventures….you have my email right…..I like what you guys are doing with this site.

    • TheGreatNext

      Yes, we have your email ID. We’ll let you know!

      And thanks :)

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